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Premier 6" Boning Fillet Knife

This Japanese boning knife (gokujo) makes quick work of boning and filleting meats and fish. The narrow, curved knife maneuvers close to the bone, so it's easy to part meat from bone, while the fine tip gets in between joints. The rigid 5" blade sails through fish to remove bones and skin. This super-sharp knife is also superb for trimming meats and slicing fillets.

  • Blade features a core of VG-Max "super steel" clad on each side with 69 microthin layers of stainless steel.
  • The striking hand-hammered finish (tsuchime in Japanese) reduces drag when cutting and helps to quickly release food from the blade.
  • Walnut-finish PakkaWood handle has a two-position design, providing a trigger grip for pull cuts and the perfect balance point for a pinch grip.
  • Each knife is handmade by skilled specialists, requiring at least 100 steps to craft.
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