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Juniper Rosemary Brine Spices

: Pepper Tree Spice

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NEW! We have created an exotic gourmet brining blend from Juniper, Rosemary, and herbs for an incredibly mouthwatering experience. If you haven't tried our Brining Spices yet, you haven't experienced the most tender turkey possible.

In a large stockpot, add brining spice to 1 gallon of water along with roughly chopped onion, parsley and lemon to your bring solution. For a slightly more intense flavour, slightly crush juniper berries before adding to water. Heat contents just until salt is dissolved, do not boil. Remove brining solution from heat and allow to cool completely. Fully submersed your cold thawed turkey, if necessary add ice cubes or cold water to fully cover turkey with the solution. Place in refrigerator for 18-24hrs. Remove turkey and thoroughly rinse off the solution. Prepare and roast turkey as desired.

Recommend 1 package of brining spice for a 10-15 lb turkey.