Dukka Spice Blend

Dukkah is originally an Egyptian condiment, and the word comes from the Arabic "to pound" and that’s how it was originally made.

We've recreated the spice component of the Dukka blend which is easily completed by adding the following;

Lightly toast 1Tbsp Sunflower Seeds, 1/2 c. of Hazelnuts or Walnuts and 1Tbsp of Almonds. "Pound" or coarsely grind in a blend by pulsing until you have a rough blend.  Add 1.2 c. of our Dukka Spice Blend and mix well. 

  1. Mix into hummus.
  2. Add a little oil, make a paste, and coat some strips of flank steak with it. ...
  3. Spread some tahini on flatbread, sprinkle with dukkah, toast lightly and enjoy.
$6.40 CAD
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