Good Knives are the essential kitchen tool and a sharp knife can make a good knife - great!  Keeping your knives at peak performance by properly honing and sharpening them at recommended intervals, are key to maintaining your kitchen.  

Pepper Tree Spice Co. is pleased to now offer convenient in-house Professional Knife Sharpening services. 

Simply wrap your knives in a clean tea towel and bring them to our Port Stanley location, no appointment necessary.  In 1-2 days, we'll return your perfectly sharp and polished knives with minimal time away from your kitchen. 

Our professional services include General Sharpening, Tip Repair, Damaged Edge re-profiling. Each service includes a complimentary "SPA" buffing & polishing treatment for each knife.


  Standard Kitchen Knife sharpening (any knife, any size) $10


   Broken or deformed tip +$5
   Damaged edge repair - $5
   Bolster re-profiling - $5

         **Exclusions: Serrated knives & Scissors services will be added in the near future.