Merula Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

: Favuzzi

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Fruity Extra virgin olive oil of medium intensity.

The aroma is a construction of different fruit: olives, apple, banana and pear, all at their point of optimum ripeness. The fruit is enveloped in grassy hues that act as a unifying nexus for the various tones that come from the four varietals in the blend.

With an elegant expression in mouth, the softness of this oil persists over time, with a very light bitterness and a slightly more intense spiciness on the finish.

The dominating toasted almond tone impregnates our memory, defining this oil’s personality with a warmth that always pleases. Arbequina (60%), Hojiblanca (20%), Morisca (5%), and Picual (15%).

NYIOOC Silver award