Fennel Pollen, 15g

: Favuzzi

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Tiny grains of pollen are harvested from female, wild fennel plants just before they bloom. This organic product is commonly used in Tuscany, where it is often called “spice of the angels”.

From Tuscany’s Valdarno region, the valley stretching along the Arno, the main river in central IT. It is known for its mountains covered with beech, chestnut and oak trees, giving way to hills planted with olive trees and vines, sloping towards the plain where the Arno follows its course.

Mix it with a bit of sea salt and black pepper and sprinkle on chicken, fish or potatoes. Fennel pollen is also the perfect Tuscan ingredient to enhance any pork recipe.

Ingredients: Organic fennel pollen from Tuscany's verdant Arno vallet.