Favuzzi Fusilli Bronze Die Pasta, 500g

We use superior quality bronze dies to make our pasta. This imparts a lovely porous texture, which means sauces adhere more easily to the pasta shapes. The difference is obvious compared to industrial, Teflon-extruded pasta: the latter are shiny and smooth, offering no surface for the sauce to adhere. That is why the sauce ends up at the bottom of the plate instead.
Pure water and the best semolina on the market
Our pasta is producing in one of IT’s purest, pollutant-free regions: the mountains of Antola Natural Park. The water used in the recipe is also from the park, and only the highest quality durum wheat semolina goes into making the pasta.
Finally, Favuzzi pasta is made on demand and is never stored.

Production method
Our artisanal pasta undergoes a long drying process at 30 °C, during 12 to 20 hours depending on pasta shape and thickness. Even some of the most renowned brands of Italia pasta are dried at 110 °C for 3 hours. The drying process is key to good quality pasta. High temperature drying alters not only the pasta’s nutritional properties, but also taste and texture. For a traditional “al dente” texture, it is imperative to let the pasta dry a long time at low temperature. This way, the centre of the pasta stays drier and does not cook as much as the outside once plunged in boiling water. This consistency will make your pasta dishes a success every time. Favuzzi long pasta (spaghetti and linguine) is hung by hand on wood canes, then packaged by hand. Its characteristic “U” shape, which cannot be imitated by industrial processes, testifies to their artisanal production.

The village of Montoggio in the mountains of Liguria, just outside of Genoa.

The artisans behind the product
Brothers Giuseppe and Giacomo Minaglia founded the business in 1927. Nowadays, another pair of Minaglia brothers, Paolo and Francesco, run the company with their children. To get to work in the morning, the Minaglia only need walk 50 metres! All of the pasta facility’s workers are also from the village. Mindful of its environmental footprint, the company powers its production facility with photovoltaic energy, thanks to solar panels installed on the building.

Our pasta is obviously a perfect match for Favuzzi’s authentic Italian tomato sauces, but our favourite recipe is without a doubt spaghetti al aglio e olio (spaghetti with garlic and oil).

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina.

$7.95 CAD
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