Favuzzi Egg Papparadelle, 250g

This artisanal egg pasta is made in the Marche region of Italy, with nothing but 100% Italian durum wheat semolina and fresh eggs of the best quality. Our egg pasta is artfully rolled using a process similar to the ancient rolling pin method. It is then dried at a low temperature for 18 to 20 hours. The result: pasta of unparalleled quality with a rough, porous texture that helps sauces stick.

Distinctive attributes: The excellence of our egg pasta begins with the high-quality ingredients used: only coarse semolina and fresh Grade A eggs. The kneading phase is carried out using simple technology, similar to what’s used at home but on a slightly larger scale. When it comes to egg pasta, the dough is of utmost importance: ours is rough and tough. Moreover, it undergoes an exclusive patented process, which does not include any mechanical pressing, to eliminate thermal stress and preserve its flavour and aroma. Each phase is carefully supervised and controlled by experienced pastry chefs and carried out under perfect hygienic conditions, far exceeding the strict standards required by law.

If our pasta’s popularity comes from the high-quality ingredients used, it is thanks to the drying process that we acquire the product’s “superior” flavour. In fact, the drying process, lasting more than a day at low temperatures, enhances the high quality of the ingredients.

Artisan: Our artisan’s roots stretch from the Sibylline Mountains all the way to the sea, amidst an endless series of rolling hills. Over time, the area’s history and gastronomic culture have become sources of pride. Our craftsman has the soul and experience that can only come with time, and in just over twenty years, his expertise has become the reference for Italian egg pasta.

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, Fresh eggs 30%

Contains: Wheat, Eggs. 

May contain: Soy.

$9.95 CAD
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