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Classic Steak Knife Set, 4 pc.

For carnivorous epicures who demand the finest out of their beef, and the finest in knives to dissect said beef, the Shun Classic Steak 4 Piece Set (DMS400) includes the best steak knives you can find. Unlike traditional steak knives, these Shun steak knives feature a fully plain edged blade, keeping serrations away from your finely cooked steak. Serrations, although good in theory, will tear through meat, leaving in their wake a mangled mush of unrecognizable flesh, whereas a plain edge knife slides cleanly through, leaving behind a beautifully cut morsel. This not only looks better, but pleases the palate at a higher level and shows more respect for the excellent food you started with. Although a plain edge requires a small amount more sharpening, the high quality Japanese steel holds its edge better than any other steak knife out there. As a final note, your edge will stay longer if you use a light pressure as you slice through your meat – with knives this sharp, you don’t need to bear down anyway.

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