Shun Kanso 4 Piece BBQ Set

Perfect for barbecue chefs on the go, this gorgeous set of premium Shun Kanso knives comes with a knife roll for easy portability. Included are three key Japanese blades for boning, slicing and serving grilled meats with finesse. This high-performance, handcrafted travel set makes an excellent gift for Dad.

  • Blades of highly refined, high-carbon vanadium stainless steel take and hold a razor-sharp edge.
  • Heritage-finish blades provide a rustic look that hides scratches and improves with age.
  • Angled handles are made of dark tagayasan, known as "iron sword wood," an extremely dense wood traditionally used to make Samurai sword handles.
  • Heavy-duty nylon knife roll has 8 slots for knives.
  • Knives handcrafted in Japan.

4-piece set includes:

  • 5" honesuki.
  • 6" boning/fillet knife.
  • 12" brisket knife with beechwood saya (sheath).
  • Nylon knife roll.

Please note: Knife roll is counted as an individual piece.


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