Farmhouse Cheddar Kit

Make a full wheel of cheddar using this easy to follow recipe and fully equipped kit. There's enough ingredients to make 10 full batches! (1 Batch = 1 Pound of cheese!). You can age your cheddar in the fridge using the coating provided to create a mild, medium or old cheese. Additionally, you can infuse your cheese however you’d like! Try Jalapenos, Herb & Garlic, Whiskey, Beer, Wine or Liquid Smoke. All you have to do is choose your own milk! Preparation time approx. 2-4 hrs.

Milk Thermometer
Cheese Mold (for Shaping your Cheese)
Follower (Lid) for Pressing your Cheese
Microbial (Vegetarian) Rennet
Bacterial Culture (MA 11 Culture)
Calcium Chloride
Fine Salt (for Salting & Brining)
Recipe Booklet (With helpful hints and Pictures)
Coating & Soft Brush (for Waxing & Aging your Cheese)

Lasts up to 2 years. For maximum shelf life, bacterial culture must be stored in the freezer. Calcium Chloride in a dark, cool place, such as a fridge. Coating at room temperature as it is frost sensitive. Rennet will last 3 years at room temperature and 5 years in the freezer.
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