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We are doing our best to support our customers and community safely & hygienically 
during this unprecedented crisis. 
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 223A Colborne Street, Port Stanley ON, (519) 782-7800, Email orders@peppertreespice.com
Wed. - Sat., 12 to 5
Sun. - Tues. - CLOSED
Western Fair Farmers Market, 900 King St., London ON
Sat. 8-3 Only




The Company ...

Pepper Tree Spice Co. is the creative child of London entrepreneur Deb Mackey who wanted to share a passion for high-quality and truly fresh spices, herbs, seasonings and her hand-crafted blends to the growing culinary and organic community in Southwestern Ontario. Combining a love of cooking, spices and endless creativity, Pepper Tree opened for business the first week of December 2010 to an enthusiastic London.  By February, Pepper Tree had developed an on-line presence shipping across Canada and the United States expanding further to open a commercial division in 2011.  Pepper Tree has been growing ever since and was very excited to open their second retail location in Port Stanley Ontario in 2013.

 Our Products ...

Balancing our commitment to organics, quality, and affordability

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Our products are hand selected for quality, freshness and affordability. We spend a great deal of time sourcing from around the globe for certified organic ingredients wherever possible that are guaranteed fresh, most often only three months from cultivation. We are convinced that organic does not have to mean expensive, that you don't have to sacrifice one for the other and we've proved it. Our spices and herbs are sold by weight so exceptional pricing can be passed on to you. Being committed to offering high quality organic products with comparable pricing to quality non-organic spices defines our purpose.


Hand Crafted and Kitchen Tested...

Our blends are hand-created from within our spice & herb repertoire and are always kitchen tested before being offered in our growing culinary repertoire. We are constantly adding to our offerings and are happy to respond to customer requests where possible. We have a lot of fun creating new, unique and exciting blends and are always excited to hear your feedback. Don't hesitate to email us with questions, requests or just to offer suggestions. Whether you are a seasoned chef, love to cook or entertain, a novice, or just beginning to experiment, we are here to help.


 Our Commitment ...

Pepper Tree Spice Co. is dedicated to doing our part to reduce our carbon foot print. We use and purchase only recyclable materials and consciously chose to offer our spices & herbs in glass bottles rather than contributing to the endless mountain of plastics that end in our landfills.  Not only will it preserve your spices better, it eliminates any PBA concerns. 

Thank you for supporting our belief that we can all do a little more to leave this world a better place for our future generations.


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